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Fastening Machines

On production; We use the most advanced, best, fastening machines in the industry. In response to the needs of our customers, we are constantly updating and improving our machines in accordance with the technology, in terms of ease of application and efficiency.

Timay&Tempo nailing machines are used in the fastening processes of metal accessories needed in the production of ready-made clothing. Streamlined product unloading systems and specially designed transparent hoppers provide operators with; It provides flexibility and speed as well as ease of use.

Fixed Hand Safety and Safe Pedal System play an important role in preventing work accidents and securing the life safety of users.

The Laser Pointer Light assists users in identifying the correct fastening point. Wide Jaw Cavity allows for easy nailing.
It is possible to fasten accessories in different sizes by changing the kit on fully automatic machines.

The Power Saver Feature saves power by going into a passive state if the machine is not used for 10 minutes. Thanks to its adjustable height, it can be brought to the most suitable position according to user habits and provides an ergonomic use.

Timay&Tempo fastening machines produced in accordance with CE standards 3 years service, 10 years spare
It provides the comfort of uninterrupted clipping with its parts guarantee.

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