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Timay continued his business, which he started with the production of rivets in 1987, with the production of snap fasteners. At the end of the 80s, we moved our production to Amasya-Merzifon and added metal accessories such as metal buttons and rivets to our product range. Timay & Tempo, which has a say in the world denim market as two separate structures, represents the production wing in Amasya, while Tempo, operating in the Istanbul office, represents the sales-marketing wing.

Today, we exist as a brand that has made a name for itself in the world denim market with the production of metal accessories on an area of ​​21.000 m2. Since the year we were founded, we have set our vision as "to become Europe's leading and largest manufacturer with our high quality product range and high design capability".

At the point we have reached today, we produce for many leading brands in the world denim market with more than 600 partners exporting to 40 countries, and we have an active presence in the market with new products that we constantly develop. With a staff of 376 people in total, we continue to grow with our customer satisfaction-oriented service approach, our products that develop the market, and our quality production policy.


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