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Think Green For The Future

In 1987, in our journey to serve in the textile and metal accessories sector, We are one of the most exporting suppliers in Europe and started to serve more than 50 countries. Although our factories, production tools, products and many more have changed a lot during this time, we still maintain their value as on the first day, illuminate our way and make us feel safe; Our love for nature and our sustainable fashion sense have never changed!

So what did we do for it?

In this way, where we promised to leave a green nature to future generations, we supported sustainability with our products containing recycled materials and confirmed our environmental practices with GRS certification. By selling our paper material-based Jakron label products with FSC certificate, we contributed to the sustainability of our forests, which is one of our most important assets. We have made protecting nature and our natural resources the main philosophy of our business by increasing our Eco-Friendly product processes day by day. We measured our environmental impacts with our LCA reports and continually sought to improve product designs by identifying the hotspot. We have adopted the ISO 14001 management system standard, which analyzes all kinds of factors such as wastes, sound, dust, noise, vibration, and all environmental effects of our business that may disturb the natural environment and takes environmental-oriented practices under control. In this direction, it has become our basic principle to determine the environmental factors in the process from the raw material stage to the presentation of our products to the customer and to work to minimize the damage to the environment by controlling these factors with the necessary precautions. For our future; We made a difference in the sector by aiming to increase efficiency in the use of natural resources and energy resources in line with the “less chemicals, less electricity and water consumption and less waste” system.

It is very important for us to treat people, animals and the environment responsibly! We are proud to say and do our part to leave a more sustainable world to future generations.