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Our Quality Policy

As Timay&Tempo, we have adopted the ISO 9001 Quality Management System in all relevant processes and adopted continuous improvement and development at every point as our basic philosophy and aimed to implement the following policies in the most efficient way.

To continuously make investments and development studies for the future, to make the right decisions at the right time, to be a preferred company, always sought everywhere.

To follow changing and developing customer needs, scientific and technological developments, to increase customer satisfaction by meeting these needs in line with the possibilities of our company.

Giving importance to the health and safety of employees. To work in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations written in all works.

With the participation of all employees and ensuring employee satisfaction;

To carry out continuous improvement studies in order to maintain our system and service quality,

To increase the awareness of our employees in the organization we have created with contemporary management approaches.

To provide competitive advantage in the metal accessories industry at home and abroad.

Our Environmental Policy

Every individual in the organizational structure of Timay&Tempo is aware of the necessity of taking the necessary precautions at every stage of our processes and minimizing the negative effects on the environment for a sustainable development policy. All activities to be carried out with this awareness are shaped in line with environmental policies and efforts are made to make the society and environment we live in more livable with additional measures.

Our company aims to implement the requirements of international legislation and publications in the globalizing industry, to use clean production technologies, to recycle, reuse or reduce and minimize the effects of production wastes, to eliminate them in a way that will not cause environmental pollution, to identify and reduce risks for environmental emergencies. A company policy has been adopted, which has adopted the principle of working and protecting the environment in order to continuously improve the environmental management system.