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About Us

Today; Exporting to more than 50 countries in the world on the basis of production and sales, Timay & Tempo is one of the largest suppliers in Europe in its sector. It is the solution partner of the world's leading brands with its flexible, researcher, creative structure and fast service approach.

Created twice a year; It adds an important value to the fashion industry with its creative, innovative and different collections.

With more than 400 employees, customer-oriented strategies and creative perspective, the company's position in the market is getting stronger day by day. R&D investments, innovation and technology-oriented infrastructure, sustainable and environmentally friendly production, and establishing long-term relationships before and after sales are the basic principles of the company. It is Timay & Tempo's unchanging principle to stand by its business partners by combining its innovative, creative and customer-oriented service approach with technological elements.

Our Management Approach

The basis of Timay & Tempo's management approach; To create a structure that is reliable, respected, innovative, gives importance to resource efficiency and aims to minimize its environmental impact for all its stakeholders. In this way, our main goal is to keep up with the rapidly changing global conditions and to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

Timay & Tempo aims not only at financial success but also at creating sustainable value. Our principle is to continue our work as a company that focuses on product safety and customer satisfaction, observes innovation in all processes, develops innovative and life-saving products, easily adapts to change, has high competitive power and aims to grow on a global scale. About our activities; We undertake to transmit transparent and simultaneous information to all our stakeholders and to comply with all laws and regulations in our operational geographies.