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Semi-Automatic Fastening Machine

Electrical Engine

It is used in fastening processes of metal buttons and rivets, etc. accessories needed in the production of ready-made clothing. T&T – 01 semi-automatic model provides fast and comfortable nailing thanks to its single chamber feeding system. In this model, the upper parts are prepared manually with the help of the operator, and the lower parts are automatically prepared by the machine. Easy product unloading system and transparent chambers give operators speed and flexibility while driving.


  • Fixed Hand Safety and Safe Pedal System help prevent work accidents and secure the life safety of users.
  • The Laser Marking Light helps users identify the correct fastening point.
  • Wide Jaw Cavity allows for easy nailing. Total nail spacing information is provided by Timay&Tempo.
  • The Power Save Feature saves power by turning off the cooling fans and laser pointing light after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Height-Adjustable Machine Foot allows a comfortable usage position to be selected according to different user habits.
  • 3 Years Product Warranty
  • CE Standard

Technical Feature

  • Güç: 380 Volt 50Hz
  • Çakım Hızı: 2 dev/sn
  • Çakım Gücü: 1.500 N
  • Çakım Yüksekliği: 23,5 mm
  • Çene Derinliği: 143 mm
  • Ölçüler ExBxY: 540mm x 660mm x1630 mm
  • Ağırlık: 150 kg
  • Ses seviyesi: 70 dB
  • Güç Tüketimi: 0,37 kw

Optional Feature

  • Thanks to its Multiple Activation Feature, it allows the machine to be controlled by hand or foot for sitting and standing fastening operations.
  • Thanks to the Flashing Light Feature, it helps the factory production managers to learn the working status of the machines remotely.
  • Thanks to the LED Lighting Feature, extra illumination of the nailing area is ensured, preventing nailer errors.
  • Thanks to the Anti-Wrinkle Apparatus, fabric creases are minimized when nailing to fabrics of different thicknesses.
  • Production line performance and efficiency are maximized by developing Special Solutions according to your needs.