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04 November 2021

ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate

We are proud to strengthen our environmental awareness and sustainability policies with the quality and process documents we have incorporated and share them with you. With ISO 140001, we work to determine the environmental factors in the process from raw material to presentation to the customer, and to minimize the damage to the environment by controlling these factors with necessary precautions. In addition, for our ISO 14001 environmental management system, we should also share our environmental policy, which is shared below. We will work to improve our environmental management system in which all our employees take part, to contribute to the society and to reduce our environmental impacts, in order to fulfill our duties for a sustainable environment and achieve the business results we aim for. 

As Timay&Tempo family, for the continuous improvement of the environmental management system we have established in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard;

To increase efficiency in the use of natural resources and energy resources,

Using environmentally friendly inputs and production techniques,

Protecting the environment, including preventing pollution,

To comply with all environmental legislation without interruption,

To provide the information and resources needed for the realization of environmental goals and objectives,

We are committed to contributing to the development of a sustainable society by expanding our environmentally friendly product range.

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